Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas is a colossus of a man whose songs can move mountains delivered with a voice that gently meanders down from their glorious peaks. His genius is unmistaken and with 'Somebody Loves You' he has produced something very special indeed. There, said it.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, - now based in Czech Republic - and hailing from a mid-western punk background Lucas has reined in the hardcore adrenalin and channeled all that youthful vigour and venom into heartfelt tales of loss, love, and ever-seeking atonement. Backed up by a bevy of pedal steel, fiddles, and snares, these are country songs in their rawest, purest form. If this record doesn’t move you I’d wager you were chiselled from granite. It's that good, honest. In essence a stripped down, bluegrass affair, 'Somebody Loves You' is altogether a deeper, introspective beast. In Lucas we have a singer and songwriter who sings his songs as if he is living every moment as it happens - every emotional jolt and jar, every sense of helplessness and guilt - as the very words drop from his tongue.

And what a band, my firends, what a band. His father Bob Lucas, his sister Chloe Manor (whose duet's with Austin on this record are akin to a sibling Gram and Emmylou), Chris Westhoff, and Todd Beene – are just perfect. . Recorded by Bob and beautifully recorded at the family home in Ohio. Somebody Loves You is one of those records that literally knocks you off your feet.

UK dates in May