Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Austin Lucas

Austin Lucas is a colossus of a man whose songs can move mountains delivered with a voice that gently meanders down from their glorious peaks. His genius is unmistaken and with 'Somebody Loves You' he has produced something very special indeed. There, said it.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, - now based in Czech Republic - and hailing from a mid-western punk background Lucas has reined in the hardcore adrenalin and channeled all that youthful vigour and venom into heartfelt tales of loss, love, and ever-seeking atonement. Backed up by a bevy of pedal steel, fiddles, and snares, these are country songs in their rawest, purest form. If this record doesn’t move you I’d wager you were chiselled from granite. It's that good, honest. In essence a stripped down, bluegrass affair, 'Somebody Loves You' is altogether a deeper, introspective beast. In Lucas we have a singer and songwriter who sings his songs as if he is living every moment as it happens - every emotional jolt and jar, every sense of helplessness and guilt - as the very words drop from his tongue.

And what a band, my firends, what a band. His father Bob Lucas, his sister Chloe Manor (whose duet's with Austin on this record are akin to a sibling Gram and Emmylou), Chris Westhoff, and Todd Beene – are just perfect. . Recorded by Bob and beautifully recorded at the family home in Ohio. Somebody Loves You is one of those records that literally knocks you off your feet.

UK dates in May

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Playlist October 9th

Songs From The Ark
Every Friday at 6PM (UK Time)
Streaming live at www.radioreverb.com

Dusty Boxcar Wall – Eilen Jewell
Sleeping Lions – Boo Hewerdine
High, Wide & Handsome – Loudon Wainwright lll
I Want To Sing That Rock N Roll – Gillian Welch
Canary – Israel Nash Gripka
A Little Bit Of This – Bobby Williamson
Fulsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
My Daddy Flies A Ship In The Sky – Woody Guthrie
Do It The Hard Way – Chet Baker
Colorado Girl – Townes Van Zandt
Good Life – Graham Lindsey
Let Freedom Ring – Chuck Prophet
Once Upon A Rooftop – Paul Curreri
Bad Man – Dan Baker
New Years Day – Slaid Cleaves
Hand That Held Me Down – Two Galliants
See See Rider – Caroline Herring
Marie – Townes Van Zandt/Willie Nelson
I feel Like A Fading Light – Kim Taylor
Tremble – Old Lost John
Are You Walkin’ And A Talkin’ With The Lord – Wilma Lee & Stacy Cooper & Clinch Mountain Clan
Kingpin – Wilco
Carry Me Home – John Alexander
Handful Of Arrows – Kelly Joe Phelps
Watermelon Man – Willis Alan Ramsey
At The Airport – Old Man Luedecke

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Return of the Korg

There was a time when having a Korg keyboard meant two things: a) you were into, or indeed in Yazoo, or, b) you were a tool. That's the black and white of it really. Either you listened to punk, Link Wray, or The Smiths. or you went to Gary Numan Fan days and watched 'How'. These two distinct ways of life were impossible to equate. Plugging in anything other than a Marshall, AC30, or a Orange bass cab was about as far as you ever needed to get into electronics. And, in my humble opinion, those were better days. More wholesome, vibrant, and meaningful days. So what has happened? Everywhere I look these days - whether on TV, You Tube, or even on an open mic night down the local - everyone has a bloody keyboard. Well, a keyboard and slightly tilted baseball cap usually of the type, many years back, that would be left in the second hand bin without a secon thought. And to cap (sic) it all it seems to be hip and trendy to do so. How the f**k did we let this happen? Has it just crept back up on us without our due care and attention? Has it always been there but so hidden in the backstreets of Depford that we never knew? Either way it has to be addressed. Neigh, it has to be STOPPED. So, my good friends, I propose a plan of action..

1) Everytime you see a Korg, Casio, or god forbid a Yamaha, feel free to smash it up. Don't bother waiting for some quiet moment to sneak up un-noticed, just boldly stride up on stage with a hammer and attack the evil electronic demon. You will be thanked, trust me you will be thanked....in the end.

2) Write as many letters as you can to the offending companies stating that your children have been emotionally damaged by keyboards. Provide examples of where Billy or Jess have been driven to shaking lunatics by likes of Kate Nash and Scouting For Girls. Prove to these fools that in any civillised word there is just no place for key tinkering tosh. Its for the best, really.

3) Buy Link Wray records and listen to nothing else. Simple...

Right, that's better.